BRP 1300 Manuel Rulo Presli Cam Yıkama Makinası

BRP 2500 Manual Roll Pressed Glass Washing Machine

BRP 2500 Manual Roll Pressed Glass Washing Machine


• Solid body constructions with steel profile shoe
• Vulkolan coated motorized wheels, specially designed support rolls for glass
• Stainless steel washing unit
• 4 brushes with spiral wrap
• Washing and rinsing with hot water controlled by thermostat
• EPDM and polyurethane executive discs, transparent acrylic inner cover
• Special design with perfect drying, noise insulated housing
• Run direction from left to right
• Water jet spraying nozzle system on water fountains
• Speed ​​control with glass execution
• Vertical roll pressing system
• 2-sided glass pressing
• Pressing of double glazing by transferring through vertical pressing rollers
• Forward and backward moving lathing machine
• Shut-off safety glass on exit wall
• Automatic water boost with float system
• Lighting system for quality control
• Drying fan
• Electrostatic powder coating against rust
• Electrical system suitable for European conditions


• Low-e glass wash
• Complex stainless steel washer cabinet
• Right-to-left operation
• 6 brushes with spiral wrap