30 kg Thiokol & Polyuretane & Silicone Extruder

Designed for drums with capacity 30kg and 3 kg

Mixing ratio range: 1/5-1/15 with a special dosing pump

Thermostat controlled heating system of the main material in cold environments

Auto control system that prevents possible damage to the machine during sudden pressure spikes due to blockages in the main substance and catalyst circuits

Base and catalyser component pumps with hydraulic feeding

Automatic shutdown system with audible warning in unexpected rate changes

Closing system that prevents machines from making air when the main ingredient is finished

Hydraulic main material pump and dosing pump

Pneumatically driven catalyst pump

Mixer unit for homogeneous mixing of two or more materials

Adjustable mixing ratio

Special teflon pressure hoses resistant to high pressure and chemical corrosion

Effective protection against corrosion with the use of pneumatic piston with aluminium body

Avaliability of using one type component

Convenient for moving wheeled lower body

Bypass system to prevent freezing of mixer while out of using

Electrostatic powder paint against rust

Electrical system compliant with general safety rule


Telescopic chain hanger – standard arm options

Availability of special production 100 kg and 10kg

B-Plate temperature-controlled system (for clod places)

Dosing pump pneumatic check valve system

Technical Data

Voltage 380 V

Frequency 50 Hz

Power 5 kW

Air Pressure 6 Bar

Air Consumption 50 L/min.

Length 1500 mm

Width 1500 mm

Height 2500 mm

Weight 720 kg